Sony Wants To Build A Robot That Can One Day Win Its Own Nobel Prize


Robots and AI can be used together to do many things. It can be used in the detection of illnesses in people before humans can, it can be used to formulate new drugs, it can be used to build products in more efficient ways than humans can, it can also explore areas that humans cannot, but can it win a Nobel Prize?

That is something that Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony Computer Science Laboratories is hoping for the future. His plan is to create a “hybrid form of science that shall bring systems biology and other sciences into the next stage”, which in other words is an AI so clever that it can match today’s top scientific minds.

The problem with most robots is that they’re really only as good as the person who made them, and the software that powers them. This is versus humans where we can think for ourselves, come to our own conclusions, and figure out the solution to problems. Some minds are clearly better at this than others, and that’s what Kitano is hoping to create in the AI space one day, or maybe by 2050.

According to Kitano, “The distinct characteristic of this challenge is to field the system into an open-ended domain to explore significant discoveries rather than rediscovering what we already know or trying to mimic speculated human thought processes. The vision is to reformulate scientific discovery itself and to create an alternative form of scientific discovery.”

He also believes that by “outsourcing” the generation of hypotheses to explore, it would give human scientists more time to focus on research strategies to decide which of these hypotheses are worth looking into.

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